About Us

Property Services Worldwide offer buyers a large selection of properties with unrivaled service in Spain and the United States. All the properties we offer are with the local knowledge of your associates on the ground. 

As a company we have an easy property search with local knowledge while making sure that each buyer receives bespoke and individual service. 

Our central offices are located in the United Kingdom, Spain and Florida which means we work for 20 hours a day and speak with clients when it is convenient for you. 

We offer relocation and repatriation services whether you are emigrating for retirement, moving for work, relocating or starting a new business.  

With the property finder services an associate will search the whole market place to find a property or selection of properties that meets your exact needs. 

We focus on what we have passion for and that is Spain, USA and Costa Rica. We also know that these three countries are perfect for foreign ownership and they will exceed buyers expectations.

As a team we look forward to working for you and making sure that the process is easy - so enquire today!

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