Buying in Spain




The Spanish Lifestyle


The world loves Spain, the heritage, the food, the weather and the warm welcome. As one of the most visited countries in the world there is something for everybody of all ages and background. 

As a company we focus on the Spain that we think you are going to love, that said we can search the whole Spanish property market to find you the perfect place. 

Buying in Spain is very straight forward and has been tried and tested by many foreign buyers over the years. The idea of that property in the sun doesn’t need to be complicated so let us know what you are looking for and we will walk you in to that perfect property.




Facts About Spain


  • Spain created drinking chocolate
  • More than half of the worlds olive oil comes from Spain
  • The oldest restaurant in the world is in Madrid
  • The city of Cartagena was founded in 220 B.C.
  • FC Barcelona have the biggest privately owned stadium in the world
  • Spain is the least populated country in Europe
  • In 2017 Spain had 82 Million visitors
  • Reportable the most expensive house in Spain is worth €50 Million